TASCAM US-366 USB錄音介面 US-366



High-Quality HDDA Mic Preamps and a Wealth for Features for Superior Sound

 USB 2.0 Audio Interface with On-Board DSP Mixer and up to 96/192kHz Recording

Note: No Longer Available in the U.S.



Main Features

Hardware For High-Quality 
Sound Recording
DSP Mixer for Easy,
Convenient Professional 
Suited for Various 
Recording Environments
with Adaptable Features
US-366 Features
Features at 
a glance


High-Performance Hardware For High-Quality Sound Recording To TOP


High-Quality HDDA – High Definition Discrete Architecture – Mic Pre-Amplifiers

To ensure superior sound, TASCAM organized months of tests and trials to design the HDDA mic pre-amplifier. Manufactured with a discrete structure and select premium parts, the HDDA pre-amp achieves a wide frequency response (10Hz to 68kHz), high S/N ratio, low noise and low THD+N.

US-366: Up to 192kHz/24bit Recording

In the process of creating music, many engineers have started utilizing high-resolution formats while recording to ensure the best quality sounds. The US-366 is suited perfectly for these high-quality minded recordings.

Two XLR/TRS (MIC/LINE) Inputs with Full +48V Phantom Power Supply

The US-366 is designed with two XLR with +48V phantom power and two TRS inputs. Having both options for condenser mics and line level inputs ensures you are getting the best possible sound and lowest-noise when recording. In addition, INPUT-1 can connect any high-impedance equipment directly, like a guitar.


On-Board Digital Mixer (DSP Mixer) for Easy, Convenient Professional Recording To TOP


The DSP Mixer Has Two Operational Modes Designed for Music Creation and Podcasting

The DSP mixer function provides a multi-track mode and a stereo-mix mode.

Multi-track Mode
The multi-track mode is ideal for music creation. This mode delivers independent monitor-mixing from a send-level like an inline-console to a PC. In addition, this mode delivers monaural-monitoring.
Stereo-mix Mode
The stereo-mix mode makes podcast recording or broadcasting convenient and easy. An output audio signal from any PC can relay that signal back to the PC again via your DSP mixer. Any BGM from a PC can mix your voice by microphone then the mixed sound will transfer back to the PC again.

On-Board Effects Supports High-Quality Recording (Send Effects and Insert Effects)

The US-366 is designed with on-board effects such as compressor, 3-band EQ and Reverb all located on-board the DSP. While recording, you can use the input effects for any input signal and the reverb effect on any monitoring signal at the same time. 
(DSP effects can use on 44.1/48kHz operating) 

Insert Effects
The input effects can be selected from compressor or 3-band EQ. Input effects can use various recording. For example, while recording vocals you can boost your high-frequency range with the 3-band EQ. Also, the compressor effect is very convenient at recording especially for bass guitar, vocal and drums.
Send Effect
The send effect include just reverb. The reverb effect is necessary articles at recording. Monitoring sound will get wet-sound by this reverb effect, but a send-sound to a PC keeps just dry sound.

Dedicated MIXER PANEL Button Recalls The DSP Mixer with One-Click

The US-366 is built with a "MIXER PANEL" button located conveniently on top. This button provides a one-click recall function for the DSP-mixer. When pushed a second time the mixer panel will be conveniently hidden.


Suited for Various Recording Environments with Adaptable Features To TOP

Low-Latency Monitoring via DSP Mixer for Stress-Free Recording

The US-322 and the US-366 provide low-latency monitoring via the on-board digital mixer. Volume can be monitored and adjusted easily with the dedicated knob on the top-panel.

Oversized LINE OUT Volume Knob for Easy Monitor Level Setting

This oversized volume knob can be an integral setting for easy and speedy fine level adjustments.

Classy Desktop Design, Luxurious Feel and Rugged Aluminum Body

The US-366 looks so good, you'll be motivated to use it. The adopted "Desktop Layout" makes these models easy-to-use even in tight spaces.

Exclusive Features To TOP


LINE 3-4 Analog Connectors – Select Between Input or Output, Up to Six Inputs or Six Outputs

The US-366's LINE 3-4 connectors can be selected between input and output to customize TASCAM's US-366 to any recording environment. When "INPUT" is selected, you can connect an abundance of line-level audio devices. When selecting "OUTPUT", connect to devices such as multiple headphone amplifiers. This system provides dedicated monitoring management for each player. 
(When operating on 192kHz, LINE 3-4 connectors outputs same signal as digital output.) 

Coaxial/Optical Digital Inputs/Output

The US-366 has two types of digital input/output connectors (RCA Coaxial and TOS-link Optical). Two outputs can transmit the same signal at the same time but when input is selected, only one connector is available at a time.

RC-3F Foot Switch Ready –Control Your DAW Hands-Free

The US-366 can connect the optional RC-3F foot-switch to provide hands-free control for your DAW. Utilize this feature while playing your instrument or recording at a distance from your computer. This feature operating on "Mackie Control" or "HUI" emulation and can be select from two modes. 



Features at a glance

  • High-quality HDDAHigh Definition Discrete Architecture) mic pre-amps
  • Up to 24bit/96kHz recording(US-366 supported 24bit/192kHz recording)
  • Two XLR/TRS (MIC/LINE) inputs with full +48V phantom power supply
  • Low-latency monitoring via DSP mixer
  • On-board digital mixer(DSP mixer) delivers two operation modes
  • On-board digital effects(DSP effects)(DSP effects can use on 44.1/48kHz operating)
  • Dedicated "MIXER PANEL" button recalls DSP mixer with one-click
  • Oversized LINE OUT volume knob
  • Two TRS analog balanced outputs
  • Two RCA analog unbalanced outputs
  • 18mW+18mW headphone output
  • Desktop design provides highly stability and usability
  • Aluminum body provides premium looks and luxurious feel
  • USB bus-powered for mobile recording
  • Up to 24bit/192kHz recording
  • LINE 3-4 connectors can select between input or output, up to six inputs or six outputs(When operating on 192kHz, LINE 3-4 connectors outputs same signal as digital output.)
  • Coaxial/Optical digital input and output (one input connector available at a time)
  • RC-3F optional footswitch ready
  • Includes Cakewalk SONAR X3 LE (Windows) and Ableton Live Lite 9 (Mac OS X/Windows

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TASCAM US-366 USB錄音介面 US-366